The Epistle of Q — Chapter 127 (PS)

ODDS & SODS Extended Version… See I told you I was having an ennui attack… I forgot to mention a couple of other highlights of this convoluted week… 10) Even though I usually don’t like watching film series, I have begun watching AWAY, again on Netflix. This one has some serious chops… great acting, good […]

the Epistle of Q — Chapter 127

ODDS & SODS… Perhaps it’s because I have had too many no responses to contract proposals or maybe it’s the continued panic-management of the pandemic or maybe it’s the fact some political leaders are even thinking about calling an election, but I am experiencing a bit of ennui (a term I first learned about in […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 126

Know When it is Time to Go… As I sat yesterday (Saturday) at another meeting on the Arts (an outdoor, socially-distanced meeting of key members of SOSArts to be more precise – an organization I spent considerable time helping create and launch over the past couple years), I realized how much the larger society takes […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 125

Nec Tamen Consumebatur Sometimes being a Presbyterian is fun, sometimes intriguing, always persistent… Today I listened to another amazing sermon by my favourite Presbyterian minister, Doug Rollwage of Zion Presbyterian in Charlottetown ( Audio version). Now I am not trying to convert you or even get you to listen but it did get me thinking […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 124

The question today is simple: what can be gained from riding an old railbed? Before you think life is all doom and gloom here in the Canadian desert, I should tell you of yesterday’s adventure. My neighbour Darrell is an RV guy with a tow-along Jeep. He is always off exploring somewhere and sometimes he […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 123

Not again…ready for another rant? Last evening some neighbours and I engaged in a conversation around the inadequacies of today’s news media. It started with reaction to a comment that Andrew Scheer made to a CBC interviewer who was asking why the Conservatives weren’t doing more to publicize the black woman running for leader. Andrew’s […]

Fire Alert

ahoy… Perhaps we have become too complacent this summer. Even though we have been in drought since the end of June or thereabouts, we have not had any real forest fire activity to speak of. Most days, the three chemical bombers based at YYF have been sitting on the ground doing nothing but looking pretty. […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 122

Before I give an up-date on the fires…I have a question: Are we afraid of ourselves…? Everywhere I am reading these days that the opening of schools across the lad is causing parents and teachers all kinds of grief and anxiety. Why is this? I always thought that teachers (or at least a majority of […]