The Epistle of Q — Chapter 170

Oh no… Today I completed mini-workout #455. It is about an hour long combination of stretches, exercises, balancing & stationary biking. I started this bizarre commitment after a trip to a conference in Texas in early 2017. While at the hotels (in both Austin & Dallas) as I often do, in the early morning, I […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 169

This spring/summer has had more than a few surprises but perhaps the most amazing has been that I have been back in the pulpit. Yeah, in May and July I was asked to preach at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian in Innisfail Alberta (a former congregation of my father’s & the town wherein I was born) and […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 168

While this is primarily focused on a challenge in the geographic vicinity of my residence, there are implications for all of us. The pandemic has hit the Arts communities harder than most but in the re-emergence, it will be essential that there is more collaboration than ever to ensure that the Arts return to a […]

News Flash

I am alive. I have been teaching this Spring & Summer my Ethics & Environmental Health course at Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE). I shall shortly be firing up some more chapters on a diversity of “rants & rages” but in the meantime, I’ve been invited back into the pulpit on several occasions… More on […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 167

In the midst of sadness, it is good to think about things that we can do to improve life, bring more energy to our world, and perhaps even become somewhat more creative. When one loses a good friend with whom you had shared many thoughts and concepts, perhaps the best tribute is to come up […]

IN MEMORIAM — Rich Vivone

Rich Vivone has been a special person in my life for a long time. Writing about him now is a moment that is beginning to be a too frequent an occurrence in my life. Even though I have been told to expect these happenings more and more, it still is tough to hear that a […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 166

Indians speak… As you are aware, my political leanings tend towards Attila the Hun, slightly right of centre. Moreover, during my working life I have spent time working with Aboriginal leadership, as well as devoting some energies to writing (including books). So it was with interest that I acquired two books recently: Rez Rules (by […]


Alas Skiing is now over for the 2021/2022 season and it is time to give the summary of results… While the actual awards ceremony will be in later this spring (and will not likely be covered in the national media – that being saved for highlighted activities of a more impactful fashion), it seems appropriate […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 165

oh no… what to do… I need some advice or help – at least some useful insight. What does one do when their city council appears to be dementious (I am reluctant to use the word demented since I haven’t cleared it with my lawyers)? Here’s the challenge: less than two months ago the Council […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 164

Gratefulness at a time to catch up… March was a busy month it seems, so I now have some catching up to do. But first things first… Never underestimate the on-going value of student/learner connections. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to meet many, many superb students. And within that multitudinous cohort of […]