The Epistle of Q — Chapter Ten

Okay, so I had a good day skiing, even though near the end of it, the wind chill at the top of the mountain was dipping close to -30C. The sun was brilliant, the sky was Presbyterian Blue, the snow was crisp but beautifully ski-able. However skiing is often a personal thing…hard to share, unless […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter Nine

Some days generate more questions than others? Some of those question-generating days, raise questions that really simply initiate more questions? Today seems like one of those. Q #1 If the news out of Russia is true that President-elect Trump has been compromised by the new KGB (I forget the initials I should be using), is […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter Six

I wasn’t sure whether I would write anything today; but after attending Live from the Met in HD at our local theatre I had no choice. Q #1 Why did they not offer music appreciation courses in my high school learning experience? Why did it take me until I was in my late fifties to […]