The Epistle of Q — Chapter 104

Tamarack: The best Canadian Folk Group few have heard about! As you know, recently as part of my mini-workouts which I do a couple of times each week in the room next to my study, I’ve been listening to my complete I-pod musical array. It hit home to me this morning that there is one […]

Want to hear a little feedback?

These are not good times for democracy! (feedback) Well, before I really got going this morning, I had heard from several people. Without identifying them here are some of their comments: • I’ve decided to follow the most recent Canadian trend, and vote for the candidate with the most physically attractive party leader. That way, […]

The Epistle of Q –Chapter 103

What is happening to our democracy? These are not good times for democracy! Last evening I went to an all-candidates Q+A in the Lakeside Resort in Penticton. Five candidates were there – three women, two men. The moderator was the Valley Editor for the daily newspapers in the Okanagan Valley. There were four representatives of […]