Another Invitation to Converse

Are we too fadish as a society?

While I don’t do this very often I find myself doing it again this month. I am inviting you to join a ZOOM conversation on Tuesday morning (11th) at 8:55 a.m. PDT. This week our modest gang of thoughtful folk have another special guest: Donald J. Sorochan, QC. He is an esteemed lawyer who has done a number of incredible things in his life. He received his B.A. from the U of Alberta, where among many achievements, he managed my successful inaugural campaign for the executive of the Student Union. His law degree is from UBC. He has handled a wide variety of cases, has mediated prison issues (including riots) and has done considerable work pro bono trying to overturn wrongful convictions. However the principal reason he is coming to our ZOOM conference call is a result of a recent decision by the Vancouver School Board to remove police liaison officers from schools in Vancouver. This form of defunding the police not only does not sit well with Don, he thinks it is exactly the wrong kind of decision-making that results from emotion or fadism instead of using facts. I am sure it will be a more than useful conversation to have now – for one thing, might get us thinking once again beyond Covid-19.

So, here’s the thing… let me know of your interest by sending me an e-mail to and I will confirm you will get an invite on Monday morning before the actual session starts at 8:55 a.m. PDT – I will also set you a copy of his Op-Ed in a recent issue of the Vancouver Sun newspaper. The rules will be simple, the core group will lead off the conversation with some questions for Don. After he has been heard, we will then move forward depending on how he wishes to participate, to include all who wish to throw some ideas into the conversation… it could be an interesting moment OR it might not. If the latter appears to be happening, as moderator, trust me I will spare the agony and will conclude the session!!

As always,