Another Tribute…

A woman’s life was celebrated today. I was unable to attend the service, though it was at a Presbyterian church. I actually had never met her, though I had been in the city she lived several times in the past year. She was 91 and had not been well for a while. Her passing was […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter Fifty-Three (Part B)

Why must work sometimes be set aside? After Alumni Homecoming Weekend, I remained in Edmonton to do some work with colleagues at CUE (Concordia University of Edmonton). It’s a small university, but one with lots of potential. At the same time it needs considerable extra effort if it is to survive the challenges most inadequately […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter Forty-Nine (cont’d)

What else is part of this perplexing question of how to “get to better”? During my college days I spent eighteen months in graduate school in the USA (obtained an M.A. in Education and Social Reform). It was an interesting time. One afternoon, three of us, all with theological roots (former Jesuit, Anglican deacon, Presbyterian […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter Forty-Seven

What is the answer to the question — what is an Okanagan Kitchen Party? Well, there are few old-style farm houses in the Valley anymore and there are even fewer big farm kitchens. So one needs to look elsewhere. And tonight I found it, almost accidentally. A daughter of my best friend had invited me […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter Forty-Two (G)

Is General Assembly really over? An interesting facet of church government in the PCC is that only the Moderator continues in office after the final Sederunt at GA. When the Moderator pronounces the Assembly to be concluded, it actually is dissolved. All Commissioners return to their respectful presbyteries and congregations to resume their regular roles […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter Forty-Two (F)

Why do organizations try to make 12+ hr work days work? Day 2 ran well over twelve hours. Whether this is an insane idea or not is up to you to decide; but, it is well-research that such longevity does not produce thoughtful products nor processes. I recommend that GA go back to at least […]