The Epistle of Q — Chapter 163B

T’is the winter of our discontent (Part B)… On another sad note, I must comment on the tragedy that is unfolding in our justice, perhaps even governmental, system all due to a good idea that has crumbled because of a real lack of focus, maybe even strategic visioning… I refer to the truckers’ Freedom Convoy. […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 163 (A)

T’is the winter of our discontent (Part A)… Don’s wife Kathy passed away yesterday afternoon. I didn’t know her well. I’ve known Don since the first day I stepped into the UofA Radio rooms in the old SUB in September of 1964. I didn’t need to know her well to know she was a rock […]


It has come to my attention that there was an typo/auto-correct error in my announcement re my Mom’s birthday.The correct address is Unit #311 (not #11)I am not sure the post office will adjust the delivery, so I apologize if you had your card returned…g.w.

Unpaid Announcement

Well surprise surprise — not enough people signed up so UofA/ELLA cancelled my course… BUT there is still time for you to do something else — not for me, but for my mother…A week this coming Saturday, on January 22nd, my mother will turn 105. While she does enjoy receiving voice mails, my sister (who […]

Tribute 2 — Gerry

Another in my attempts to recognize people who have been important in my life, but are no longer present… About two months ago, Gerry would have been seventy-eight I think. I should have called his widow but I had a t/c with my Mother and then a ZOOM conference with a Grandson as well as […]

The Christmas Letter (2021)

MERRY CHRISTMAS & THE BEST FOR 2022 Well, here it is, another year-end and another late letter. No good excuses although I could blame a Grey Cup trip but that was too good a trip to besmirch, and the game was so exciting, so I won’t!! This year has been well chronicled within this Editorialog […]


This is an Unpaid Ad… tsk, tsk… I won’t do this very often but on the occasion of my 400th mini-workout (the one I do in my own home sort-of-gym) since mid-April of 2017 I thought I should let you in on a secret… I’m teaching again at the UofA’s ELLA program… This may not […]

Tribute 1 — The Major

Outside the normal Chapters in the Epistle of Q, I am starting a new column that highlights some of the people who have been notable influencers in my life. Initially I will talk about those who have passed on from this world, but eventually I will mention some who are live and well (more or […]


stop the presses… Alas insanity reigns… Now I am not sure whether you are vaccinated or not, whether you have an immunity-compromised condition or whether you even care. Furthermore, I don’t know if you like to travel, fear travel or prefer sitting on the back stoop. And I don’t much care whether you are a […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 161

It’s Sunday but I’m dry at least (though without my poached eggs for brekkie) Ok, ok already… You may be tired of my skepticism around the raging wokeness of the global warming now climate changing activists, but just maybe now is the time for us to consider something I have been recommending for a while. […]