The Letter of Q — Chapter Forty-Eight

And what do you do on Sunday, after listening to a great sermon? Well, first of all, you thank the minister: Thank you, Doug Rollwage, the service was truncated, only the sermon — but it was a very inspiring one on the need for and value of prayer… For those interested, you can find it […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter Forty-Seven

What is the answer to the question — what is an Okanagan Kitchen Party? Well, there are few old-style farm houses in the Valley anymore and there are even fewer big farm kitchens. So one needs to look elsewhere. And tonight I found it, almost accidentally. A daughter of my best friend had invited me […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter Forty-Six

Just where have I been these last two weeks or so? Good question — and it’s been hard to see me because of all the smoke! And yet where there’s smoke, there isn’t necessarily fire. Our Valley has been spared any big fire, thankfully, although there have been some small ones, caused by humans, that […]

Honouring William

80 years ago yesterday…’twas a significant event indeed! With honour and respect to Bill Bobbitt… William has been a significant part of my life now for forty-four years. An interesting number in that I was born in ‘44 – perhaps symbiotic, more likely a mathematical coincidence. We met rather accidentally or at least innocently. I […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter Forty-Five (Part G)

Why am I now in Minnesota? Since the last post, several people have asked me why I’m driving the boys across the USA! It’s a good question and deserves a good answer. What’s even better is that I will make the answer relatively short today. The boys are involved in another hockey tournament, this time […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter Forty-Five (Part E)

How far have we gone at hockey camp? Well we’ve now completed 2/3’s of the camp. Judging by the comments of the three boys themselves, it has been more than a success. They are learning several new skills each day and being reinforced in many others. Moreover they are finding the entire program well structured […]