A Tribute

Today I must give a shout-out to a group of seniors. Technically I am supposed to call them “55+’ers”; definitely not supposed to call them “old geezers”. But it really doesn’t matter what you label these people, the key is you had better be respectful to their faces. On Friday, near mid-day this group of […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter Fifty-One

What do I think of the Morneau Tax-Grab? This is all about fairness in taxation is it? As a former owner of a smaller-size business (a consulting firm for thirty years) I can fully understand the uproar against the Minister of Finance — but let me leave that more the moment. As the current owner […]

In Memoriam — John Longstreet

Over the next little while I am going to take a few moments occasionally to reflect on lives lived that impacted my life is a variety of fashions. Today I want to briefly acknowledge the life of John Longstreet who passed away quite suddenly recently from a second bout of cancer. John was perhaps my […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter Fifty

Why can’t people read the signs? We have a new fire, this time right in the Okanagan Vallley. It’s in the Finlay Creek watershed. May not mean anything to you, but last night while attending a great jazz concert that was part of the Ryga Festival in Summerland we could not only see the smoke […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter Forty-Nine (cont’d)

What else is part of this perplexing question of how to “get to better”? During my college days I spent eighteen months in graduate school in the USA (obtained an M.A. in Education and Social Reform). It was an interesting time. One afternoon, three of us, all with theological roots (former Jesuit, Anglican deacon, Presbyterian […]

As an aside…with thanks to Rod McKuen

Not sure this is really worthy Of the muse I thank today… But read it in the spirit Of however love comes your way… It was only a poem Not one to even memorize But it had a lasting phrase Like winning some kind of prize the voice seemed David Jansen’s the words certainly not […]

The Letter of Q — Chapter Forty-Eight

And what do you do on Sunday, after listening to a great sermon? Well, first of all, you thank the minister: Thank you, Doug Rollwage, the service was truncated, only the sermon — but it was a very inspiring one on the need for and value of prayer… For those interested, you can find it […]