Pre-printing Announcement re “the book”

Guess what? After a journey that was suggested as early as 1980 and percolated in the mid-nineties, then was pushed in 2005, there is now every reason to believe that my first major solo writing (other than reports for clients, etc.) since my dissertation in 1978 will be printed this autumn. Getting to Better: Then & Now (Reflections of a Leader in the Moment) is currently being prepared for a visit to a print shop. This will not a major best seller, it will not even be published by a major book publisher. Before Christmas it will be put on this website and thus will be available to anyone to view, read and/or download at no cost.

BUT, as a frequent reader of the Editorialog you can have a printed, coil-bound version if you wish. All you need to do is send me an e-mail (to so I will know how many extra ones I should have printed. Numerous good people who helped in the evolution of this book will, of course, receive a complimentary copy — you may even be one of those, but you may want a second or third copy, so then let me know.

It is my intention to begin the distribution in person wherever possible in October and have them all delivered by early November before a version is uploaded to this site. Consider it my Christmas Card/Gift!! It is, as yet, undecided whether an audio version will be produced.



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