The Epistle of Q — Chapter 127 (PS)

ODDS & SODS Extended Version…

See I told you I was having an ennui attack… I forgot to mention a couple of other highlights of this convoluted week…


Even though I usually don’t like watching film series, I have begun watching AWAY, again on Netflix. This one has some serious chops… great acting, good script-writing, and fascinating camera work…


Forgot to tell you about a housekeeping lessen. When I moved into Bridgewater (our gateless gated community in Penticton) almost four years ago, I got a special study & library. So I bought myself my own bar fridge once again (I don’t know how many I have bought and given away in my life, but this one is a red one so I’ll keep it). Anyway, I was so excited to get it working I neglected to remove all the tapes & styrofoam holding the various shelves in place. As a result I didn’t find my ice cube tray nor did I realize there was a tray to help in the defrosting. I filched an ice cube tray from storage so I didn’t think any more about it. But over the past few months the freezer compartment has been taking longer and longer to make ice-cubes. I then noticed that there was a huge block of ice build-up in the freezer ‘cause I couldn’t even get the tray fully in it anymore. Ah ha, thought I – perhaps it needs to defrost.

So I unplugged it, but didn’t put down any towels, rags or absorbent paper… The next morning I went down to moderate a ZOOM meeting and I saw there was a fair amount of water on the floor. After the ZOOM meeting I decided to open the fridge and found water everywhere. This necessitated taking out all the beverage cans, glassware, etc. and placing towels on each shelf to soak up the water. But then I realized that the shelves seemed stuck – they wouldn’t move. Ergo, I discovered all the tapes & styrofoam. So I took all that off and opened the freezer. The iceberg had hardly melted – why?

Well, that’s when I discovered the tray underneath it. After removing the tapes I found it was still unmovable – it too contained a huge iceberg. Now I get more towels and a waste basket so I can start wringing out the towels and finally I also remove the two large chunks of ice and deposit them near some trees so they can melt and water at the same time. I take out the drip tray and pour its accumulated water into the waste basket, also discovering a new and unused mini-ice-cube-tray!! Voila, a most wonderful discovery even if three years late. But I didn’t notice there was a slab of ice stuck underneath the tray it was in. It felt off, hit the waste basket, knocked it over, spread water all over my study floor.

This then necessitated a series of cleaning moves complete with paper towels as well. Slowly I sopped up all the water (thus cleaning my study floor in the process and hurting my knees). Then I cleaned off all the shelves along with the drip tray and the freezer compartment. Then I dried off the glassware and the cans of refreshment.

Followed all this by putting everything back in the fridge, plugging it in and presto it starts working. So I then filled both ice-cube trays and put them in the suddenly spacious freezer section. Within a few hours I had ice – amazing!! And the drip tray also is working. And this guy now realizes that defrosting a mini-bar-fridge so occur probably twice a year! (I guess opening and closing the door a great deal speeds up the icing process – something I never was taught in over twelve [12] years of post-secondary education.)

I will say that stuff is much cooler now in that fridge and ice is awaiting my next beverage moment – maybe even later today??

Remember in the main part of this chapter I talked about all the non-responses…all this was after my horoscope said this week would be a financial turn-around… just who can you believe anymore?


Think you’re having issues. Pity the airlines. A couple nights ago I got half-a-dozen e-mails from Air Canada, all dealing with one trip I am making later next month. The changes were many and substantive. It seems that flights are not being filled especially in/out of places like YYK (Penticton airport). In October we will be back to only one flight a day and that in a Dash 8 (we’ve lost the Q-ship for now). I guess I should be thankful though that they haven’t pulled out all together. Several Eastern Airports including some in Newfoundland, others in Ontario and Québec are completely without flights. Anyway after an hour or so on the phone, I finally got everything re-booked, even though some of the flights are not at optimum times… Oh how I wish governments had listened to Taiwan last December

But you have an even better day now that you know the rest of the story (& I’m not even related to Paul Harvey)…