The Epistle of Q — Chapter 163 (C)

T’is the winter of our discontent (Part C)…

On another sad note, I must inform you that my good friend Sandy has had to withdraw from the ski program this season – he took a run he should not have: fell hard, injured his nose, cracked his pelvis and probably suffered a concussion. The upside is that he had 60% of the cost of his ski pass returned to his bank account! His record at the end of January:
• 8 days
• 69.75 runs
• 34,844.5 Vm’s (Vertical Metres)
• due to the lack of a skiing app, Sandy has no additional info available…

On the other hand, Hal decided to take his partner and go to Mexico for a couple of weeks – he has returned in good health and will resume skiing on Monday. His record at the end of January:
• 6 days
• 54 runs
• 25,955 Vm’s
• 99.9 kms (this distance is short of reality due to lack of data one day)
• 56.98 km/hr average maximum speed

The leader of the pack continues to be ST, the record of The Saint:
16 days
142 runs
62,175 Vm’s
302.7 kms (distance skied)
• 50.78 km/hr average maximum speed

My efforts (including two tumbles: one in The Chute, a black diamond run I have skied hundreds of time, and one at the junction of a blue & a green run) are somewhat middling this year as my timing, balance and recklessness all seem to be diminished:
• 15 days
• 122 runs
• 57,504 Vm’s
• 280.3 kms (distance skied)
58.54 km/hr average maximum speed

Is this further evidence that it’s becoming our winter of our discontent?

As always,