The Epistle of Q — Chapter 167

In the midst of sadness, it is good to think about things that we can do to improve life, bring more energy to our world, and perhaps even become somewhat more creative. When one loses a good friend with whom you had shared many thoughts and concepts, perhaps the best tribute is to come up with a new idea, a positive challenge.
Here’s my effort in that regard:

Revising Federal Electoral Boundaries…

For once I am getting behind the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission that has recommended a significant change to the local ridings here in the Okanagan Valley: they suggest new boundaries that would split the city of Penticton, down the middle. As you can imagine there are already some who are wailing about the insanity of such a decision. I say let’s support it.

We should be thanking the Commission for recognizing Penticton as an important city – in fact, so important we deserve two Members of Parliament (MP’s). Kelowna and Prince George enjoy having more than one MP. Why shouldn’t we have the same opportunity to benefit? We don’t yet have a ward system at City Hall but that’s an argument for another day. Federally, the new boundary realignment would mean two voices to push for our political needs and desires. Even if the two MP’s were to represent different parties, do you think they wouldn’t both want to be seen really pushing for our best interests? And it also gives us a much better opportunity to have at least one member as part of the governing party. Here’s the chance to move Penticton’s issues and ideas forward into a bigger role in Ottawa.

The concept of two MP’s also introduces an element of competition long after the actual election – each member would need to be frequently available for key city council, business and agriculture issues that arise because there will be at least two, if not three, elections before the boundaries would again be reviewed. If one of the MP’s tended to be somewhat out-of-sight or inaccessible, the other would have the opportunity to informally step across the boundary line and take up the causes deemed vital to the overall community.

All you have to do is tell the Commission their plan is an excellent one and you don’t want them to change it. Thank them for their foresight, their recognition of the importance of this city to the well being of the South Okanagan – Similkameen region!

(And if you need to know where and when the Commission will listen to you, call them on their toll-free line: 1-855-747-7236 – you don’t have to attend the Penticton hearing, to support their proposal!!)