The Epistle of Q — Chapter Eighty-Four (Addendum)

Why must I always forget something?
Never matter, who really cares? The main thing is that my memory was jogged by recent comments on the internet and here I am back again. When discussing the Grey Cup festival I failed to comment on the musical aspects of the game itself. The choices that Edmonton picked this year were excellent. The Reklaws led off the pre-game with their foot-stomping tribute to CFL Thursday night football and the rest of their numbers were equally fine. The national anthem was sung by a young Albertan country singer and sung appropriately. The half-time show featured Alessia Cara. Now I’m not normally a big rap fan, but this lady is good and her show was upbeat, flashy and enjoyable — I enjoyed it more than many of those put on by the NFL Super Bowl. Those on the internet that were severely critical and even rude to Ms Cara must have been watching another concert at another football game. She was good and she deserved the ovations that she received.

Following the Grey Cup I went east…an early Quebecois Noel (including a dinner featuring Tortiere and other superb goodies), a visit to a most interesting art exhibit in Montreal that featured Kate Blanchard (I have no idea how to describe it, and I am reluctant to suggest you go — primarily because you are my friend!!), a quick visit to the capital and meals & visits with former colleagues and students. These all were most delightful follow-ups to the National Day of Football and was similarly recreational and jovial.

Succeeding this was a train trip to Queen’s University and some significant working sessions with/for my editor.  Not sure what I should say about this meeting of minds other than I believe another significant corner has been turned and we are now hoping to have a version of the penultimate draft out for a review by a new panel by the Christmas holidays. The idea will be to have their feedback by the end of January and then we will determine the next steps — I remain hopeful!! (By the way, I took some time off on Sunday morning to go to St. Andrew’s Presbyterian in Kingston and hear Rev. Dr. Andrew Johnston preach — it was also communion, so it was a wonderful pause in a fairly hectic seventeen day tour!!)

Now I am at YYZ, awaiting a teleconference with a federal Senator. Afterwards I will get ready to board a flight back to Edmonton to retrieve my SUV and head home. Following that drive I will return to my study and resume my work schedule for the month… December is always a month filled with interesting moments, so I will likely be back to chat within the week…