Unpaid Announcement

Well surprise surprise — not enough people signed up so UofA/ELLA cancelled my course… BUT there is still time for you to do something else — not for me, but for my mother
A week this coming Saturday, on January 22nd, my mother will turn 105. While she does enjoy receiving voice mails, my sister (who is her unofficial care-giver, as she resides in LTC in Cold Lake AB) tells me she really loves receiving cards. And while I find such requests often a bit despondent, I have decided to reach out to see if I might be able to get her a few more cards for this year’s birthday.
Here’s the thing:
#1) you will have to identify who you are and how you might know Mother (if you actually do or can remember!!). This will help Anne give Mother an adequate introduction to appreciating the card. Anne is significantly younger than I am, and has basically lived in Cold Lake for forty years, so her circles are different than mine and she might not immediately recognize you.
#2) Mother’s mailing address is#11, 802 – 12th Street, Cold Lake AB T9M 0A7

If you are able to do this — great; if not, no probs…
as always,