Let’s try getting to better…

International Superstars & Poor Little Us… I must admit I have always respected and even admired Bishop Tutu. He has been a stand-up kind of guy. I have always liked Neil Young and admired how he dealt with the realities of having mentally/physically challenged offspring. But, for the life of me, I can’t figure out […]

Can BC really solve the Education morass – Part I

When will we come to our senses and seek a more consensual approach to problem solving? Have you noticed that our ability to converse seems to becoming supplanted by a slavish devotion to argument and divisiveness? There is a letter in today’s local newspaper (Okanagan Saturday) from what appears to be a teacher. The letter […]

Is the Small Town Press relevant anymore?

What are we going to do about small-town newspapers? Is it possible that freedom of the press is most abused by the editors of newspapers that might best be deemed small town-ish? I always thought that the Charlottetown Guardian was too prone to irrational inconsistencies. It seldom seemed to do any real research before publishing […]