on the road again, tho’ this time it’s a runway

Cambodia has been an interesting series of opposites: darkness overcome by light, religion bolstered by faith, poor always smiling, super rich stalled in traffic even more than the less fortunate (a scooter is much more agile than a Lexus SUV, come to think of it, I’m more agile than any Lexus!!). There are many more […]

on the road again, XII

Have you ever pondered the thought that faith may be the most creative spirit that we have? I’m not talking about organized religion, although it definitely can play a role in what I am about to comment on. But what people of deep belief/faith have been able to accomplish, just in the world of architecture […]

on the road again XI

This will be a relatively short note…primarily to let you know that we have arrived in Siem Reap in northern Cambodia. The journey out of Phnom Penh was eventful as it was morning rush hour — the Guide had made sure we had lots of time, because the roads were clogged. That city has more […]

on the road again, inside Cambodia…

Sometimes I think I should have read more, or at least read the books that were assigned to me in my formative days at school (note to Grandkids — make sure you actually read the entire books that you are told to read in school, most teachers actually know what they’re doing when they give […]

on the road again, in old Saigon

Today the real economic engine of Vietnam met me with searing heat and Ontario-like humidity. This city rocks! Skyscrapers abound (including one [1] that is about sixty [60] stories high). The port is beginning to look a lot like Vancouver’s. There are six million [6,000,000] motorbikes for the ten million [10,000,000] residents. It’s rumoured that […]

on the road again VI

Sometimes one really ought to take time to walk through a Buddhist Pagoda (in Vietnam that includes the tower & the temple & all the grounds surrounding) whether or not one happens to even understand Buddhism. And after such an experience it isn’t necessarily a bad thing to listen to Paul McCartney sing “Long & […]

on the road again, now that I’m 70

Well it has finally happened…I’ve reached that perfect age that the Old Testament prophets first identified as three score years and ten…and it happened in the interesting city of Hue — the ancient capital of Vietnam. Now for those of you who might wonder why I would pick this city for such a momentous occasion, […]