The Epistle of Q — Chapter Thirty-Three

Where have I been for the past week? OR, did my computer have a meltdown? And didn’t I see a film I thought you should view as well? A #1 Taking a cue from that great Robert Redford directed film, Quiz Show, I’ll take the last question first. At the local film club (The Kitchen […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter Thirty-Two (Part D)

Shouldn’t I be discussing my sermon today at St. Andrew’s in Penticton? A — 1 Not really because I haven’t finished talking about the Pecha Kucha presentations. There are two that I need to chat about. The final speakers were unique in that they initially sounded fairly blase… one was a newspaper guy and the […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter Thirty-Two (Part C)

And what really is left to talk about Pecha Kucha, Volume 7? A–5 Another something scientist spoke about the loss of Grasslands in the Okanagan Valley and thus the need for a National Park. As I too believe that it should be a no-brainer to develop a national park at the southern end of the […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter Thirty-Two (Part B)

Continuing the conversation about the Pecha Kucha moment… A-4 The return of Pacific Salmon, particularly the Sockeye is a very significant restoration to the ecological balance of the entire Columbia system. Back in the late seventies the Salmonid Enhancement Program (SEP) of which my team was an integral part did not look at projects in […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter Thirty-Two

Q #1 What is PechaKucha and why should you care? Tonight I attended a fascinating event in one of our great local craft breweries. Between 150-200 people showed up, ate some food and drank some really good beer (Cannery) and then settled in to listen to nine [9] speakers. Each would have approximately six [6] […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter Thirty-One

Q #1 Is there not more to share from the APPE conference? Yes, there is and I will address this in a couple of questions. First of all, I may not have been as complete in my reporting on the degree to which businesses value moral reasoning in the hiring process. For one thing, the […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter Thirty

Q #1: Just where have I been these past few days? Well, briefly I was in Dallas until Saturday mid-day. Then I flew south to Houston so I could fly north to Calgary. Got there on time, but it took them about an hour to find our luggage (they should have looked in the luggage […]