The Epistle of Q — Chapter 111

Repeating numbers may mean a repeating theme… People always seem to be complaining that there is never enough to do in Penticton. The town’s too small. It’s too boring. Nothing of interest to keep anybody staying in the place. Well perhaps it is more a case of too much going on. Maybe that’s what keep […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 110

My organizational skills are not great — I should have planned this for Chapter 103… So what does one do when Mother turns 103? Yepp, today my dear mother celebrated her 103rd birthday. They had a big party at the Long Term Care (LTC) facility in Cold Lake. It’s starting to be a bit repetitive […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 109

Once again the Okanagan Symphony hits the Top Ten… Actually you can re-state that: OSO reaches #1… and in big way… I think the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra is one of the best regional orchestras I have ever had the pleasure to listen to, to enjoy. Last night was another example of why it is so […]

In Memoriam — JR

This past week I lost a long time friend and colleague. But this time it was different. She told me in advance. While I have known others who have exercised their option to have MAID (medical assistance in dying) they tended to be somewhat removed from my immediate circle. When I was the CEO of […]