The Christmas Letter (2021)

MERRY CHRISTMAS & THE BEST FOR 2022 Well, here it is, another year-end and another late letter. No good excuses although I could blame a Grey Cup trip but that was too good a trip to besmirch, and the game was so exciting, so I won’t!! This year has been well chronicled within this Editorialog […]


This is an Unpaid Ad… tsk, tsk… I won’t do this very often but on the occasion of my 400th mini-workout (the one I do in my own home sort-of-gym) since mid-April of 2017 I thought I should let you in on a secret… I’m teaching again at the UofA’s ELLA program… This may not […]

Tribute 1 — The Major

Outside the normal Chapters in the Epistle of Q, I am starting a new column that highlights some of the people who have been notable influencers in my life. Initially I will talk about those who have passed on from this world, but eventually I will mention some who are live and well (more or […]


stop the presses… Alas insanity reigns… Now I am not sure whether you are vaccinated or not, whether you have an immunity-compromised condition or whether you even care. Furthermore, I don’t know if you like to travel, fear travel or prefer sitting on the back stoop. And I don’t much care whether you are a […]