It has come to my attention that there was an typo/auto-correct error in my announcement re my Mom’s birthday.The correct address is Unit #311 (not #11)I am not sure the post office will adjust the delivery, so I apologize if you had your card returned…g.w.

Unpaid Announcement

Well surprise surprise — not enough people signed up so UofA/ELLA cancelled my course… BUT there is still time for you to do something else — not for me, but for my mother…A week this coming Saturday, on January 22nd, my mother will turn 105. While she does enjoy receiving voice mails, my sister (who […]

Tribute 2 — Gerry

Another in my attempts to recognize people who have been important in my life, but are no longer present… About two months ago, Gerry would have been seventy-eight I think. I should have called his widow but I had a t/c with my Mother and then a ZOOM conference with a Grandson as well as […]