NEWS FLASH VI (Ski Results Update)

It’s winter on our mountains… Skiing has now started for the 2022/2023 season and it is time to give an interim summary of results… (to the end of December 2022) Just a reminder about the codes/terms:Runs = the number of times down the hill (no matter how long it takes)Vm’s = this relates to the […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 180

Before this year comes completely to a conclusion, you really should take in a couple of interesting movies… Netflix provides us with The Glass Onion – a throwback to the old who done it movies we went to in college and those early supposed adult years. The acting is good. The story is not totally […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 179

Merry Christmas Well, well, well… ever notice how humanity actually can take a pause in its belligerence and actually espouse peace, hope, acceptance and love. Yes, we are once again through Advent and into the final week before Christmas. And, over the weekend I was treated to three very different musical moments. All of these […]

News Flash V

Hello… Pardon my interruption… This just in – the Globe & Mail agrees with gw – yeah believe it or not… As you know I tend to be more of a National Post person but more and more I am also finding gems of wisdom in the G+M. And, this month I find myself actually […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 178

A new direction perchance… And now it is time to move beyond the political rants… it has become painfully obvious to me that the divide that is afflicting Canada, while it is somewhat different than that in the country to the south, permeates any politically-tangential conversation we might have… As minds are not likely to […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 177

Another response… Yesterday I received another missive from a dear friend who happens to live in Ottawa. Like the earlier one, it was more than upset with my obvious lack of understanding as to the criminals and thugs that desecrated the capital city. I am not going to quote at length from the letter, in […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 176

Winter has officially started in the Okanagan… Oh, I’m not talking about the unusual accumulation of snow down in the Valley where we are supposed to be living in a desert. I am talking about the fact that on this date (December 5th) real winter started… Firstly, by 7:00 a.m. I had made my first […]