ROOTS VI — Coming Home

After the time in Wick and the Orkneys it became more exploratory sightseeing. The train ride to Kyle of Lochalsh via Dingwall was a plethora of different geologic and geographic moments. Other than most shops being closed as it was Monday, everything was spectacular. From Kyle we journeyed through parts of the Isle of Skye […]

ROOTS VI Part 4 Reflections

I will continue the travelog later, but Sunday turned out to be more reflective than I had anticipated. It was the final full day in Wick and after brekkie the first stop was church. St. Fergus is an old building, significantly upgraded in the 1990’s. It is one of only two remaining Presbyterian churches in […]

ROOTS VI — Part 3

0n Wednesday it seemed like a “long day’s journey into night”. Boarded the train in the darkness of pre-dawn and due to delays due to rain-induced speed limits, did not arrive in Wick until dusk. But fear not this ride north turned out to be educational and enjoyable. Some myths were dispelled. I had been […]

Roots VI — Part 2

Pardon the Interruption but a wee battle with “strep throat” interfered with my writing time… but I have a moment now so let me get us caught up a bit! The second day in Edinburgh was all on foot… Started with a great brekkie at the Carlton and then headed out to walk… a bit […]


So I’ve decided to do one last “roots” voyage/journey. It may well be the last major journey of its kind. Thus i decided to give some running commentary occasionally throughout the voyage and as i am awaiting the call to brekkie, here’s the first update.Yesterday i visited Rosslyn Chapel for the third time. Dan Brown […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 187

Oh yeah!! The kids wanna rock… Didn’t get to see Rod Stewart when he was in the province but I did get ot see Bryan Adams when he came to Penticton on Monday evening. Sat in my seat that I have for the Pentcton VEES hockey games and was royally entertained. Bryan’s approach to delivering […]