Today’s Theme: Do We Volunteer Enough? While at a recent 100 Men event (a charity in Penticton where a group of men get together to hear from three [3] local charities each season and then vote for the one most deserving with the financial allocation results being 60% & 20%/20%) some of us began discussing […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 191

Should I be angry, sad or disappointed? Probably none of the above… A few weeks ago, a long time friend and colleague who was hoping to retain me to teach a course or two each year at his university, got in touch again. We had met last autumn and the meeting was very cordial and […]


{A time of reflection and perhaps contemplation}[different from the questioning &/or pondering epistles] P.S. I realize this is a day late – it’s actually two weeks late as I have been working on this conversation now since the beginning of March, after some solo rides in the chairs of the Apex Mountain Resort. Hopefully in […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 190 (d)

Hello again, hello… Sometimes waiting doesn’t help things change… I have waited a long time to conclude this trilogy. After the horrendous protest by the pro-Hamas nazi-like gangs that swarmed Wellington Street and Parliament Hill recently, I hoped I would hear from my critics how terrible this was and how the Ottawa police force should […]

In Memoriam — Dr. Rick Dewar

A Tribute to an old friend and colleague: Rick and I go way back to our college days. In fact, after he graduated we didn’t see each other much – partly because we were seldom in the same town and partly because our work was worlds apart. I actually hadn’t seen Rick in perhaps a […]