Tuesday ENCORE

Forgot to turn the page on my notes:Here are five more special musical moments…Adam Cohen’s We Go HomeBack Porch Majority’s version of TodayJefferson Airplane’s version of Today{both are very different, but both very meaningful}Josh Groban’s You’re Still You&the really amazing J.P. Cormier’s Autumn GirlMoments that revitalize memories in very special and very unique ways…Thank you, […]


So it’s very late Tuesday…almost makes it Wednesday morning… A couple of you have raised questions that move my previous Tuesday Talks in a more pointed direction. Basically I have been asked to reflect on individual songs (or pieces of music) that conjure up particular moments or personages in my life. That got me thinking […]

Tuesday Talks (IV)

yes it’s Tuesday again Have you ever wondered about why certain music genres seem to appeal more to you than others? Is it due to our parents? Our peers? The communities that we live in? The timing of lunar or solar eclipses? My tastes have varied over the years and there are not many genres […]

The Epistle of Q — Chapter 192

Ahoy… Am I the subject of an algorithm attack? The other day I was commenting on a news item a colleague of mine had forwarded to me via LinkedIn… The initial feedback was: do you think that the news that arrives on your computer screen is due to an algorithm? My initial response was no, […]


Today’s Theme: Do We Laugh Enough? Sometimes I wonder where all the laughter has gone. It’s not that we’ve become too serious; rather, it seems we have become to cynical or is it blasé? And did the subtle changes happen a long time ago… Let me explain with some selected examples:In high school there was […]