Merry Christmas 2023
If only there was peace on earth…

We do hope that this wee note arrives to find you on the positive side of life…

Some of the highlights in our world can be found within the Editorialog on the website – most particularly the ROOTS VI journey (our trip to Scotland)!

Otherwise a quick summary would include a successful dragon-boat season for ST along with golfing & skiing. As well the electric bike was used on occasion… Swimming has become year round again, city pool in the late autumn & winter and Skaha & Okanagan Lakes spring through early autumn.

There was considerable biking for gw along with skiing and some golf; semi-weekly visits to the gym rounded out the efforts to stay upright and breathing!!

Visits with grandkids highlight this past year again – some times it was at Bridgewater Estates and other times it was in Vermont, Arizona & Alberta. They all are no longer little kids, and all are continuing successful pursuits of education &/or career.

The one continuing story is Mothernow approaching 107 (in January) and while her mind has its moments of fog, forgetfulness and fiction she moves forward (often wheeling about the LTC in her wheelchair) still hoping for that day to cross the Jordan and be with Dad.

Do have a wonderful Christmas and may 2024 bring you new adventures, many smiles, occasional fits of laughter, and hugs from surprising sources.

ST et gw

One additional note of passing interest: the corporate office in Edmonton is being closed at the end of this year, meaning that all office work will be done out of Penticton [Edmonton phone will be discontinued shortly as well: direct lines will be (250) 809-6090 & (250) 487-1380 for ST and (250) 809-9220 & 1-866-4-ethink which is 1-866-438-4465 for gw].