The Epistle of Q — Chapter 190

oh oh…

Sometimes things change, sometimes not so much (second reflection)

You probably won’t be surprised to know that I have always admired Rex Murphy, even before he had a clip of me on CBC (which in itself, is kind of amazing given my attitudes towards CBC-TV). He had a column recently that sums up my feelings about our PM and his leadership. Sorry, any liberal leading you have may require that you read no further.

He contrasted the PM’s reactions to the Freedom Convoy to the waves of anti-Semitism now rolling through our country. Now, remember how annoyed people were with my comparison of the Central Canada reaction to the Convoy to their non-issue with the violence perpetrated on the workers of the Coastal Gas Pipeline project. But once again, I see a dangerous undertow creeping ever closer to the surface of our society that particularly in Central Canada (but also to a significant degree in the lower mainland of BC) wokeness is an actual religion. People seemingly no longer believe in an even or balanced approach to life. There is no reflection on the theme of those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. There is such a lack of understanding of our history (let alone world history) that only the moment matters (and this is no suggestion there is a new wave of existentialism) and the more violence one can cram into (or simply tolerate) the better the world will be.

If I were to threaten a policeman, I would be arrested in 14.8 seconds, and the fact I could claim to know what the Koran is and could say Allah Akbar, would spare me not one whit. I’m white and somehow of privilege (even though every Christmas I am reminded how as a kid who got patches for my jeans on my early December birthday, I would look forward to the possibility that if my parents had the money, I might get a new pair of jeans under the tree that year because I hadn’t received any the previous one; and I put myself through university although I will admit my first wife was a major supporter through grad school). And I believe Israel has a right to exist (even though I would be happier with a different prime minister there) and that Jews have a claim to Canaan that goes back to Abraham which predates his two sons, one of whom the Muslims revere. Palestine is as much Jewish territory as it is any other Middle Eastern Semite’s. All of this puts me in peril of arrest (note recently the professor of the University of Guelph who was suspended for his support of Israel). Furthermore, at the same time, on PEI they are putting white couples in jail for making love in a park.

So I sit at my desk in my study preparing to teach an applied ethics course again this year (for the twenty-fifth year at this particular university although the course has gone through a myriad of revisions, changes and re-adaptations) and I wonder how safe I will be. Will one of my students decide I am on the wrong side of their version of justice? Will the knowledge that it is a known fact that I am a Presbyterian be challenged to confess where I stand on justice in the Middle East? Will other professors who espouse a so-called Canada attitude, ask that the university un-retain me? Will certain cases that we normally study have to be removed because someone finds their sensibilities affronted? This is where our country has been allowed to drift to – it isn’t whether I am a good professor or not, it isn’t about whether Applied Ethics is a subject that we definitely need more students to study, it isn’t that we are trying to get better. The fundamental perspective at the moment seems to be: if it aint woke(n), it must then be broke(n) up. People in Central Canada make fun of the premiers of Alberta and Saskatchewan and there are times I can see their point of view, but make no mistake they aren’t woke and they aren’t dictators like the persons leading the provinces of Quebec & Ontario and the country I know and cherish as Canada.

Happy New Year – 2024 will be the year we finally have to stand up and be counted. The Freedom Convoy was annoying, the Pro-Hamas crowd is threatening, even terrifying. If we don’t take them on now, there will be a more rapid descent into a state that Germany found itself in during the late thirties. Being nice to evil people is not ever going to work. I don’t like war, but sometimes it becomes necessary. It’s too bad people get killed; but until people who don’t care about anything but their own cabal, are severely marginalized it may be the only route to go. We have had cease-fires broken repeatedly; let’s not have another one until both sides are willing to let the other exist AND the supporters of both sides can be civil to one another.

I will continue anon…