The Epistle of Q — Chapter 190(b)

Sometimes things change, sometimes they seem to be ignored…

Here is another verbatim document that I came across – The Open Letter from Women of the Middle East letter was initiated by Iranian and Israeli women’s rights activists. I have not found this mentioned by any Canadian politician, let alone political leader NOR have I heard from any Canadian woman of influence quoting this document in support of I think are two (2) Canadians who are part of the signatories. I am sharing it with you because it helped me better understand & thus validate why Hamas and its allies must be destroyed now.

Women of the Middle East United Against the Global Terror of the Islamic Republic of Iran

As women of the Middle East, we stand united against the global threat of terrorism of the Islamic Republic of Iran and all its proxies. It is this same terror that is claiming the lives of Israeli women, Iranian women, and is leading to the deaths of Palestinian women in Gaza as well.

The complete lack of regard for innocent life has been demonstrated by the Islamic Republic of Iran since 1979, and is now being exported throughout the Middle East.

In the Islamic Republic, Iranian women, including some of the undersigned names, have experienced the terror of the morality police first hand. We have seen the kidnapping, assault, and murder of Iranian women and girls for decades, including the gassing of thousands of Iranian school girls to silence dissent, and the murder of Mahsa Amini, Nika Shakarami, Armita Gerawand, by the regime in Iran.

We have witnessed the regime repurposing ambulances, schools, and even religious sites as tools for their terrorist activities. We have seen how the regime steals resources from the Iranian people and exports them to terror proxies in the Middle East.

In Israel, Islamic regime proxy Hamas documented themselves brutalizing, kidnapping, and murdering Israeli women and girls on October 7th, and dragged the bodies of victims through the streets of Gaza in celebration. One of the victims was Iranian-Israeli Shirel Haeimpour.

Hamas has also blocked humanitarian corridors for the Gazans, preventing Palestinians from exiting to safety, has used ambulances for terrorist activities, and has stolen fuel, electricity, water, and humanitarian aid from the people of Gaza.

The tactics of Hamas and the tactics of the Islamic Republic of Iran are the same, because it is the Islamic Republic which funds, trains, and supports Hamas with $100 million dollars per year.

The hatred, misogyny, sexual crimes as a method, and disregard for human life disproportionately impacts women and children, which is why the call for freedom from the Iranian people, is also a call for freedom through the entire region. As women of the Middle East, we will not be silent in the face of such evil.

We call on world leaders to:

Acknowledge and condemn the links between Hamas and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Designate the IRGC as a terrorist organization and take action against their activities.

For Mahsa, for Nika, for Armita, for Shirel. For the women of Iran, Israel, and Gaza:

Women, Life, Freedom.


Maryam Banihashemi, Strategy Advisor and Human Rights Activist, Iranian

Emily Schrader, Journalist, Israeli

Nazanin Afshin-Jam MacKay, Human Rights Advocate and Co-Founder Stop Child Executions and Founding member Iranian Justice Collective, Iranian

Nada Higuera, Civil Rights Lawyer, Palestinian

Natalie Sanandaji, Podcast Host and Survivor of the October 7 Hamas Massacre, Israeli

MPP Goldie Ghamari, Canadian MPP, Iranian

Elaaheh Jamali aka LilyMoo, Human Rights Activist, Iranian

Lisa Daftari, Journalist, Iranian

Dr Nargess Eskandari- Grünberg, Mayor of Frankfurt am Main, Iranian

Muqadasa Ahmadzai, social activist politician and poet, Afghanistan

Shiva Negar, Actress and Human Rights Advocate, Iranian

Liraz Charhi, Singer, Israeli-Iranian

MP Daya Safaei, Iranian

Shirin Taber, Executive Director of Empower Women Media, Iranian

Gadeer Kamal Mreeh, Senior Envoy of The Jewish Agency for Israel to Washington D.C., Israeli

Marziyeh Amirizadeh, Author, Speaker, Religious Freedom Activist and former Iranian political prisoner, Iranian

Dalia Al-Aqidi, Journalist and Congressional Candidate, Iraqi

Rasha Alahdab, Human Right Defender, Former member of the Syrian National Council, Syrian

Ahdeya Ahmed Al Sayed, Former President of the Bahrain Journalists Association, Bahraini

Ensaf Heidar, Human Rights Activist, Saudi Arabian

Dalia Zaida, Writer and Activist, Egyptian

Yasmine Mohammed, President of Free Hearts Free Minds, Egyptian

Norah Al Awaidi, Peace Activist, Emirati

Shirin Tabari, Political Scientist and Journalist, Iranian

Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, Israeli

Sarai Idan, Miss Iraq, Human Rights Activist and Congressional Candidate, Iraqi

Orin Julie, Entrepreneur, Israeli

Dr. Sheila Nazarian, Plastic Surgeon, Iranian

Nitsana Darshan Leitner, CEO of Shurat Hadin, Israeli

Lorena Khateeb, Druze Activist and Former Content Manager for Israel in Arabic, Israeli

Hayvi Bouzo, Journalist and Co-Founder and Host of ‘Yalla’, Syrian

Maria Maloof, Journalist, Lebanese

Mahsa Pirayi, Activist, Iranian

Mahsa Townsend, Activist, Iranian

Arezo Rashidian, Iranian American Activist, Iranian

Zara-Forouq Kanaani, Researcher and Human Rights Activist, Iranian

Ruth Wasserman-Lande, Former MK and Chair of the Parliamentary Caucus for the Abraham Accords, Israeli

Mandana Dayani, Lawyer and Co-founder of ‘I am a voter’, Iranian

Dr. Sona Kazemi, Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Iranian

Banafsheh Zand, Journalist & Activist, Iranian

India Naftali, Journalist, Israeli

Catherine Perez Shakdam, Director Forward Strategy Ltd, French-Tunisian

Shoshannah Keats-Jaskoll, Director and Cofounder of Chochmat Nashim, Israeli

Zina Rakhamilova, COO Social Lite Creative and Journalist, Israeli

Becca Wertman-Traub, Director of Research at CIJA, Israeli

Sarah Raviani, Human Rights Activist, Iranian

Dr. Efrat Gold, Postdoctoral fellow at University of Buffalo, Israeli

Sana Ebrahimi, Human Rights Activist, Iranian

Maryam Blumenthal, Iranian-German Politician and Leader of Green Party Hamburg, Iranian

Arielle Mokhtarzadeh, Activist, Iranian

Ashira Solomon, political commentator, Israeli

Rolene Marks, World WIZO Head of Public Diplomacy, Israeli

Ysabella Hassan, Lawyer and Activist, Jewish-Moroccan

Ellie Cohanim, Former US Envoy for Combatting Antisemitism, Iranian

Nataly Dadon, Influencer and Pro-Israel activist, Israeli

Carrine Bassili, Christian Singer, Lebanese

Michelle Rojas-Tal, Israeli educator, Israeli

Ateret Shmuel, Director of Indigenous Bridges, Israeli

I will continue anon…