The Epistle of Q — Chapter Fifty-Two

Why do some of us never learn to shut up? This week once again pointed out that ADHD can lead to more work. I’m not going to dwell on it but there are moments where I can’t seem to keep away from the fire!! Here are a couple of examples: On Tuesday afternoon our strata held its AGM (annual general meeting) at a local hotel. In past experiences in other strata-type residential complexes the turn-out at these events barely meets the number needed for a quorum. Not this time at this strata. Of the 67 potential voters, there were 56 in attendance. Perhaps it was inspired by concerns around a clubhouse that we all own — a mega house that was once the residence of the owner of a previous development (golf course and mobile home park). This facility, while very beautiful, has very little functionality as a clubhouse (e.g. we couldn’t hold the AGM there). There was very little opportunity in the agenda to question this aspect of the strata’s assets; so, attention was pin-pointed on the budget and the amounts of revenue (turns out to be zero) vs. amounts of expenditure (quite a bit, seemingly north of 50% of the monthly strata fees) allocated to it. Definitive answers were not forthcoming and there was an unease emerging in the room. It was addressed, ironically in the election of members to the Strata Council. Several of us had spoken about our concerns and the lack of information to enable us to assess the real value of the asset. In the end, four of the key speakers (myself included) were elected to the Board meaning that only three incumbents retained their positions. It’s not that I wasn’t willing to serve; it’s more that I wonder if I had kept my mouth shut, might I have avoided this task. Now I have serious work to do, and a need to do it promptly and do it well, as people will not tolerate another year of inaction. The good thing is that there are good people on the Council and all seem ready to work. Stay tuned. The other moment of opening my mouth relates to the book I am writing (and have been for some time now — several years probably). While I have a new editor who is diligently working on shaping up my writing, I decided to share Draft III-C with a couple of collegial confidantes to get a sense whether generally I am making progress (since each had read a much earlier draft). I asked for reflective advice. I got it. All worthwhile. It has given me pause to consider the question: am I getting any closer to at least the “penultimate draft”? In one sense perhaps — I have a good deal of helpful input to incorporate throughout the document that should make it better and therefore closer to completion. At the same time, all these individuals had given extensive feedback some time ago on an earlier draft, and it almost appears as if I didn’t pay sufficient attention. It will be an interesting few weeks ahead, including a couple days of meetings with my editor. Perhaps she will add to the re-write requirements; perhaps she too will consider this other input to be worthy of extensive reflection on the entire document. Again, I had to ask… Otherwise life is in transition. Summer ends today and the weather has been preparing me for autumn — the other morning it was only +3C when I woke up at 5:00 a.m. We have also had more wind. AND, yesterday autumn-like rain began to fall, and it did so overnight. While we do need more re-charging of the groundwater, it would still be nice to have a few more days of summer. Also last night, the cross-country ski club hosted a series of films from the Banff Film Festival — most showed either snowy conditions or cold & rain… so I am beginning to sense that the seasons are a-changin’ It is a good time to be alive tho’ so I do encourage you to be happy, enjoy the moment and realize that autumn does officially begin tomorrow… g.w.