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And it’s time to revise the Web... When we first launched this web-site the whole concept of internet communications, while not new to me, certainly was unclear. I tried to be somewhat witty while still maintaining an adequate depth of seriousness to ensure clients, students, colleagues, even friends and acquaintances would think it worthwhile to explore the site. After a few years, wherein mainly students and colleagues reference the site occasionally, and usually for specific information, we have decided to make some significant up-grades. While I still believe that my greatest contribution to the planet are my two [2] children, now both successful adults, raising their own families (one in the USA and the other in Canada) and the five [5] grandchildren they have provided me, it has become obvious to me that going forward I need to revitalize my own inventiveness. There are things yet to be done, accomplishments yet to be completed, ideas yet to be shared.

With this in mind we are undergoing some hopefully useful alterations to this site:

  • The Editorialog enables you to exchange ideas with us on a variety of topics – some of which will appear randomly, others in more ordered sequences
  • The book review corner wherein students of mine will review various books that my peers have produced and in their comments they will suggest the value of such books, whether for reading, as texts, or even as door-stops
  • Our consulting section explains what we can/will do for clients and should you think we can be helpful, the processes that we follow to set up a working relationship
  • Our research section will now include papers that students submit which we consider worthy of sharing; we will also include any presentations that we make at professional conferences
  • AND, our first book is now available by clicking on the reference on this page
Welcome to the web-site that helps describe the professional practice I lead these days...

Bon jour... as always,

Glenn W. Sinclair, Ph.D.
President & CEO
Glenn Wm. Sinclair, Inc.

The Biography of Glenn W. Sinclair, Ph.D.

Glenn SinclairBorn in Innisfail Alberta, took parts of my basic education in Bassano Alberta, Embro, Woodstock and Madoc Ontario and then pursued post-secondary education in Ontario, Alberta, Minnesota, California, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and France. While most of my life was spent on or near the west coast, I have lived in thirty-five (35) communities and had approximately seventy-five (75) different mailing addresses in my life and now spend most of my residential life in the Okanagan Valley.

While I do possess a Ph.D. (Educational Administration) from the University of Alberta — my most favourite achievements are my son (Christopher) and my daughter (Kelti), both of whom have been very successful in their own right and have given me a total of five energetic, bright and entertaining grandchildren: Nicholas and Ciera in Calgary; Hayden, Connor and Brendan in Arizona.

The majority of my professional life has been as a consultant, leading the firm G.W. Sinclair & Associates, Ltd. (GWS & A) formed in 1971 and brought to a rather quiet conclusion in 2001. Within the parameters of this experience I developed expertise in public involvement, communications, education, resources planning, policy development, corporate strategy management in both the public and private sectors. Simultaneously, throughout my life I have maintained a strong interest in the learning moment and it became a more serious passion in the new millennium with the creation of a new corporate entity: Glenn Wm. Sinclair, Inc. or E-Sinc and thus this site!