Ethical Reasoning in Environmental Health (ENVH 523) 2016

Course objectives:

1) That potential Environmental Health Officer’s (EHO’s) recognize moral dilemmas and their impact in the worlds of Environmental Health.

2) To create an experience for those involved in Environmental Health whereby they gain new skills at handling the challenges of ethical decision-making.

3) Improve an EHO’s ability to use the differences in stages of moral reasoning to improve productive working relations with facility operators, politicians,teammates, and others who impact their daily tasks.

Note #1: For purposes of this course the terms ethical and moral will be interchangeable. It should also be noted that the purpose of this seminar is not to make you more moral orethical but to enhance your ability to reason through moral/ethical problems!.

Note #2: There are three primary formats for holding discussions in the class: round-table — when each person will provide comments, input &/or feedback in an orderly fashion, and the invitation of the prof; crossfire — moderated within the group itself, comments and questions will go back and forth among the participants (the prof will only intervene if he determines too few are dominating the process; conversation — this is directed toward the prof, but often initiated by questions, queries or concerns raised by group members.