Consultative Services

Consulting and/or Consultative Services means many different things to different people. In earlier versions of my work, I primarily led large projects that required significant resources in both personnel and finances. These days my consulting practice is more nuanced. It is tailored more to the client and to my greatest passions – ethical decision-making and policy development. While I am more than willing to spend significant time with a client working through problems and developing short & long range solutions, special assignments of one [1] day or less are just as attractive.

Here are some aspects my of experience and expertise that perhaps can be helpful to your and/or your organization’s desire to become more revitalized or focussed.

  • we are able to deliver very effective training & development workshops that assist people to become better at dealing with ethical issues and/or preventing moral meltdowns (these workshops can be a short as three [3] hours or as long as three [3] days)
  • we are willing and able to deliver keynote addresses on the issue of getting through the ethical dilemmas that confront us in our workplaces, homes, community service organizations (usually these talks are about one [1] hour, but can be altered depending on the need/aspirations of the people sponsoring the event)
  • we have expertise to assess the levels of moral reasoning within your team and show you how to manage your people as a result of that awareness
  • we can also do either of the above, but with the focus on policy development especially as it relates to organizational development strategies &/or succession planning
  • we can provide mentorship &/or train people to be more effective mentors (as well as ethical role models)
  • we also can lead assessment/critique exercises that examine the best ways for projects/programs to be developed/executed – this can be particularly helpful for management in their long-term planning moment

Should your organization be facing ethical changes, should your team find that it is not preventing moral meltdowns adequately, why not invite us in? Perhaps we can bring a perspective that both helps your people and improves the performance of your company or institution.