stop the presses…

Alas insanity reigns…

Now I am not sure whether you are vaccinated or not, whether you have an immunity-compromised condition or whether you even care. Furthermore, I don’t know if you like to travel, fear travel or prefer sitting on the back stoop. And I don’t much care whether you are a Liberal, a Dipper, a Conservative, a Green or simply can hardly tolerate politics of any stripe or inclination. I just want to say I understand more than ever the deepening divide (or perhaps even chasm) that is evolving throughout our lands over the increasingly bizarre approach by the authorities towards trying to lead or at least marshal the masses towards some glorious nirvana here on earth…

We have known for sometime that the Covid virus would keep mutating. In fact many thoughtful medical scientists have told us from the outset that we needed to prepare for its presence throughout our lifetime. And in spite of claiming to act on the best scientific advice there has been precious little actual evidence thereof. Now there is a new variant and suddenly the politicos are doing what? The same thing they did when the first variant became obvious except perhaps a little quicker: LOCK US UP.

When will we get control of our world?
I can accept vaccine passports – but if they are going to be mandated, they have to be worth something. If borders get closed and quarantines are re-instated then those who eschew them actually make their case somewhat more valid. Either the vaccine is a passport or it is another inconvenience. Make up your minds Mr. PM, Mr. Pres… (again notice, men are making these incoherent decisions)
I understand that testing can be less than 100% but there are countless tests out there that have be shown to be helpful in the management of virus issues so why is it so hard to make them difficult to administer and why is it such an expensive process? The price is often higher than a speeding ticket – should people be penalized because they would like to visit family or get away from inclement weather? Oh, by the way, did the politicos bypass this process in their recent parade to Glasgow?
I also can appreciate that we need to be kept informed, but couldn’t that be done a couple of times a day – perhaps on the 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. news casts – and then leave the rest of the news moments to covering news? It would be nice to learn more what is happening across the country re the recovery from weather-related events. It would be helpful to learn what people are doing around the world to deal with economic recoveries (or not). It would be useful to hear from citizens across one’s province (and more importantly, region) as to the issue(s) they face this week. Come on, news folks – get with a new program of actually delivering news!!

Okay… now I may go biking as it is +11C and it’s not even 7:00 a.m. Enjoy your day but maybe take time to contact your local politicos and ask them when will they quit doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result – remember someone quite bright (Einstein) said that this is a definition of insanity!!

As always,