Alas Skiing is now over for the 2021/2022 season and it is time to give the summary of results…

While the actual awards ceremony will be in later this spring (and will not likely be covered in the national media – that being saved for highlighted activities of a more impactful fashion), it seems appropriate to give you the final tallies now. This season was marked by a tragedy as well as periodic skiing. Let’s dispense with the latter – a couple of gentlemen would join us on runs or even on ski days once in a while. Their data is not included because it is both incomplete and perhaps a shade untrustworthy. The more serious issue was the injury to Dr. Ross who in his mid-eighties decided to go down an ungroomed run on a very icy morning… result: a cracked pelvis and the end of his ski season…

Just a reminder about the codes/terms:
Runs = the number of times down the hill (no matter how long it takes)
Vm’s = this relates to the number of vertical metres skied from the top of each run to the ski lift (this is not to be confused with the amount of snow that is covered which will be reported as Distance) – different runs may have quite different configurations, but the Vm will be the same.
Avg-Max: each day one’s maximum speed achieved on the fastest run is recorded – the average of these speeds is computed by totalling the speeds and dividing by the number of days
Distance = this is the amount of ground that is covered (much like when recording bicycle travel or jogging or swimming) and each run can have varying distance depending on how a skier traverses it. For example, Grandfather’s Run is 5 km long but quite straight, whereas Okanagan is very wide which allows for lots of lateral enjoyment.
Days = the number of days an individual put on their skis and skied at least one run…
Bold print = winner of that category for this time-period

To protect the innocent each individual is identified by their code name:
the Saint – 40
gw – 34
HW – 25
RAR – 08

the Saint – 383
gw – 314
HW – 260
RAR – 69.75

the Saint – 173,253
gw – 147,822
HW – 119,309
RAR – 34,844.5

the Saint – 821.4
gw – 709.8
HW – 539.7
RAR (no data: cannot afford the $0.99 app)

Average Max Speed:
gw – 60.9
HW – 59.74
the Saint – 49.75
RAR (no data: cannot afford the $0.99 app)

• Overall most graceful skier:
HW – by a wide margin (although he has only be skiing for 81 years)
the Saint – by a significant margin over the other two grandpas
RAR – marginally better than the last place occupant (but his accident does raise questions about this placement)
gw – someone has to come fourth (but at least he has really good skis)

Have a great spring & summer – maybe some golf, more biking… and don’t forget you are invited for some moments in the 2022/2023 season…

As always,