The Epistle of Q — Chapter 171 (E)

And in conclusion…

The intriguing month of October 2022 – Part E

This has been a very interesting and sometimes confounding month. Many milestones, a few bumpy moments, some sad and reflective times. I’ve decided to write you a long epistle, but break in down into parts so that you don’t get eye strain trying to read it all at once. However, I am not going to unfold the story in a time-relevant sequence, so you might have to go back once in a while to get the full context… Nevertheless, here goes:

I’ve discussed the professional conferences. I’ve examined the return to earlier moments in my residential life. Before I forget and before I move on to the interesting worlds of November, I should tell you about one other special time – my annual visit to the Stratford Festival.

While it is too late to encourage you to attend, at least I can give you a brief review of my experiences this year. I managed to attend three productions: Richard III, All’s Well that Ends Well, and Chicago!

Richard III was staged in the new Tom Pattison Theatre. Three things stand out – the incredible performance of Colm Feore as King Richard, the overall staging & acting of the play and the new theatre. This was a performance to behold. Words almost fail me – you had to be there to fully appreciate just how marvelous the production was. Colm was outstanding and gave an interpretation of King Richard that was so believable that when he came out for a curtain call, you couldn’t believe it was the same individual. The rest of the cast was so well chosen that throughout the evening you really felt you were right there in that world. As for the theatre – Stratford has done such a remarkable job that I can only say: go see a play there next year

All’s Well that Ends Well was a delightful presentation. Well acted. Well produced. Most enjoyable. A good adaptation of Shakespeare such that the master would have been pleased.

Chicago is a very bombastic musical and it was staged that way. The acting was top-notch and the music was well presented. It was in the main theatre and the crowds were obviously there for a big theatrical production. They were not disappointed.

As for me, I am presenting this review not only in the order that I saw them but in the order that I enjoyed them. Chicago wasn’t bad, by any means; it just wasn’t so spectacular that it triumphed over Shakespeare this year. And nothing surpassed Richard III. As an added milestone, a long car ride from Montréal to Waterloo celebrated ST’s 69th – concluded with a dinner at a restaurant that served real Mennonite food and then the next day it was our 14th anniversary (which happens to be the longest marital tenure for me!!).

There were other memorable moments in October but you’ve had enough to read…

October has been a good month in my personal journey.