The Epistle of Q — Chapter Ninety

How did this year’s ski season go?

This is going to be a very short note this year. While it was the coldest February on record (or maybe the second coldest), and while we received more snow in the Valley than we normally get, it was not an outstanding ski season. Furthermore, even when we received snow on the hill, the manager didn’t see fit to make sure that sufficient runs were properly groomed so that the snow would stay once spring skiing came upon us. Wednesday was a five star day followed by Thursday which was a three star day. Yet both days many of the runs we would have hoped to ski this year still hadn’t been groomed and were now showing rocks, “snow snakes” (small trees sticking out of the snow that can upend a skier very quickly), and bare earth.

But, all in all, one still shouldn’t complain — a day on a ski hill is certainly better than the same time in my office. The final stats though do indicate that next year should be better.

• a total of 29 days (including five at Sun Peaks and one at Mt. Baldy)
• 222 runs in all
• 101,309 Vertical metres skied
• 468.7 horizontal kms skied
• maximum speed reached on a single run: 55.2 km/hr

• a total of 19 days (including one at Mt. Baldy)
• 158 runs in total
• 71,582 Vm’s
• 380.5 kms distance skied
• max speed: 73.8 km/hr

Apex is still a great hill. You’d enjoy it. Maybe if you come we can get the groomers to knock down all the blue runs and green runs and then you’d have a minimum of a four star day. See you next winter hopefully.