The Epistle of Q — Chapter Sixty (P.S.)

So what did the doctor say?
Well, interestingly enough, after he read the report from ER and he and I had a bit more conversation (as he looked at my own recorded stats) he informed me that actually it is a little less serious as I suffered an episode of “atrial flutter”. Not that I should take it lightly, and not that I shouldn’t reduce any unnecessary stress in my life, and not that I shouldn’t keep up my daily heart monitoring and maintain the medicines they have me on; but as soon as the specialists can see me, there will be a new prognosis and hopefully that will be even better news.

So, I’ve managed to clean the sidewalk and driveway off twice today (we are having a mega-snow storm in the interior of BC) and hold numerous t/c’s on legal and related matters and my vitals are and remain good…

Just thought you’d like to know.