The Letter of Q — Chapter Forty-Eight

And what do you do on Sunday, after listening to a great sermon?

Well, first of all, you thank the minister: Thank you, Doug Rollwage, the service was truncated, only the sermon — but it was a very inspiring one on the need for and value of prayer… For those interested, you can find it at and log on to the July 16th edition — it is less than 20 minutes!!

I was going to float down the channel (the Okanagan River is channeled from Okanagan Lake to Skaha Lake through the city of Penticton and the Penticton Indian Band lands. However the temperature was cool and there was a strong hint of rain. So that idea was replaced with a car drive to Keremeos to get some fresh produce (especially peaches for preserving) and maybe stop by a new winery.

By the time the car was well ensconced on the highway, the sun had come out and it was warming up. But the decision had been made so off to the village of Keremeos. Upon arriving there found a delightful Thai restaurant, run by real Thai people and serving real Thai food. Only problem? They had run out of Thai beer so I had to settle for Stella Artois. That was excused because the meal was excellent, with copious quantities. [Hint: if coming from Vancouver to Penticton, don’t take the cut-off but head into town and a couple of blocks before the big corner, on your left, in a building somewhat re-decorated as a Thai temple you’ll find it!!] Then it was off to the myriad of produce sales barns… got corn, garlic, beans, beats, cherries, peaches, cukes, peppers — all much cheaper than at the regular farmers’ market on Saturdays in Penticton.

On the way home managed to locate “Corcelettes” — a relatively new winery in the Similkameen Valley. The wine tasting room is worth the stop although due to a liquor inspector taking summer holidays before signing it off, you can’t visit it yet. But the co-owner is the person behind the counter in the old space and she is worth the price of admission. She is knowledgeable (although most are) while being funny, engaging, and really personable. They have good wines and they know how to really pair them with foods, so the conversations are animated and mouth-watering at the same time. She is young (and so is the wine maker husband) and really made the experience worth the stopping. I even joined the wine club and will definitely go back sometime this autumn…hope to see the new Wine Tasting Room then…

Otherwise it is a quiet Sunday…and I have some work to do, so I will close for now. I haven’t forgot the other themes that I have indicated I will address; but for now, this will be it.