This is an Unpaid Adtsk, tsk

I won’t do this very often but on the occasion of my 400th mini-workout (the one I do in my own home sort-of-gym) since mid-April of 2017 I thought I should let you in on a secret…

I’m teaching again at the UofA’s ELLA program

This may not seem like a big deal but because of Covid-19 a couple of these contracts were cancelled and/or deferred. Finally it is back on, albeit on-line. But that is where there is a benefit for you. You can actually take the course – you first will have to join ELLA (I think it is around $25 and you have to be over sixty) but even before you have you can scroll through their winter course offerings and find mine. It’s on Ethics…(see reference below)

This is a different ethics course than my usual ones based on ethical reasoning. This one is titled Ethics Unwrapped, but it just as easily could be called The Excuses We Make About Our Decisions — Primarily To Ourselves. It will start on January 24th at 19:00 MST and run for one [1] hour each weeknight for three weeks – a total of fifteen [15] sessions. There will be some small group conversations but there will be NO homework per se (although there will be some materials that you can access or download at times of your own choosing for additional reflection).

Course size will be limited to two dozen, so if you are interested you should sign up as soon after December 7th as you can. If you don’t sign up – no probs, but don’t then say you would like to take a course from me, because this may well be the last open on-line course I will be teaching as going forward I hope to be in the live classroom all the time…

www.my-ella.com – check under Humanities: 22-H1

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